#Imagine: U: “what’s kind of girl do u like” J: * grab a mirror , and take it in front of ur face* J: “That’s my kind of girl”

#imagine Justin ask you “do you believe in fairytales?”, you say “why”, he smiles sweetly & says “you remind me a princess.” ♥

#imagine Justin broke his leg, he can’t walk. he smiles at you sweetly & sings “now i’m really stuck it the moment with yoooou.”

#imagine Usher: Get up! It’s show time! Justin: No. Usher: Beyonce’s here. Justin: So? Usher: [your name]’s here. Justin: *gets up quickly*

#Imagine you and Justin was outside at night. you: “LOOK A STAR MAKE A WISH”. Justin: “I dont need to, my wish already came true”.

#Imagine Justin: are you sad? You: noo, why ? :) Justin: because I wanted to make you haappy :)

#imagine Justin: CAN [yn] STAY HERE @ CHRISTMAS? Pattie: Ok.. Justin: YEAH *calls you*

Imagine Justin : Mom, I’m sick. Pattie : What’s wrong ? Justin : I have [Your name] fever. Pattie : Oh my God… -__-

#imagine Justin “did you hear there’s a new star in sky?” You “well very interessting but no i didn’t (:” Justin “yees umm it’s called [yn]”

#imagine Justin ask you “have you got a Facebook”, you say “yuuup”, then he smiles & says “why we aren’t in relationship?